The Golden Killer unleashes today! The Holiday Crowd in the studio.

TORONTO, ON April 17, 2012 - The Golden Killer is out now. Three years in the making, the album does not disappoint.

Known best for their dancefloor filling jams, Lioness slow things down with the mournful dirge “They Clip The Wings of Birds” but as Toronto Star’s Ben Rayner points out “the arrangement and the production remain all-engulfingly gigantic.” “They Clip The Wings of Birds” is available as a free, legal download: SOUNDCLOUD.

Lioness, unveiled their theatrical live show this past Friday The 13th at The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern. Vanessa Fischer, veiled at center stage and flanked by skull-faced bikers, declared she was “not afraid of bad omens”, she mingles with black cats and walks under ladders. Red banners sporting the band’s symbol curtain the stage for the sumptuous fire visuals conceived by drummer Jeff Scheven. The sound and collaborative vision of the band commanded everyone on to their feet. Through out the show Fischer’s piercing eyes seem to look from the pyre into the future, while bassist Ronnie Morris backs through the crowd and falls on the floor convulsing.

Lioness were joined throughout the show by Hollie Stevenett on keyboards and vocals, with guest appearances by Amy Bowles (Hollow Earth, Pony Da Look) and Leon Taheny (The Golden Killer Producer, Rituals). You can read all about the debut of their theatrical new show in this Now Magazine 4 star review. Catch Lioness again in Toronto this weekend for the celebration of Record Store Day at Sonic Boom Records‘ Annex location.

The Golden Killer is available in stores this Tuesday. You can pre-order Vinyl and CDs now at the New Romantic Store.

In other news, The Holiday Crowd headed back into the studio this weekend to record a special new 7″ single, to be entitled “Sick Days” b/w “Born Under A Different Sign”.  The Crowd are back at Inception Studios with David Hermiston. The single is scheduled for release in late summer.

Alex Roberts  and Colin Bowers of The Holiday Crowd set up at Inception Studios.