Lioness tears up the small screen.

TORONTO, ON Jan 31, 2013 – Television gets a little wilder this winter with three crucial Lioness sync placements using/featuring songs off their debut full-length The Golden Killer (New Romantic).

On Sunday, January 27th, “They Clip the Wings of Birds” was used in the Showcase produced supernatural crime drama, Lost Girl. Spoiler alert: The song adds to the emotional reconciliation of Bo and Lauren in the final five minutes of the episode entitled “Fae-de To Black”.

This Sunday, directly following the Superbowl, Lioness’ dance-chiller “The Night” is featured prominently in a party scene in the premiere of CTV’s new crime drama Motive.

Californication is back for a 6th season and Lioness are here to keep the volume at eleven. Be sure to watch the storyline unfold as the aptly entitled “Hell Bent For Leather”, features the song “Toxic Heat”. The episode debuts February 10 on Showtime in the US & the 11th on The Movie Network in Canada.

Turn on, tune in, rock out!