Wooden House with Soft Opaque of Glass Structure


Surrounded by the green scene of the Collingwood (Simcoe County, Ontario, Canada), this wooden house is a beautiful project from Atelier Kastelic Buffey. It’s a contemporary house with the wooden exterior as its skin. It has the conventional house design using the triangular roofing design. What makes this house in such a modern appearance is the glass structure on the roof facade. This design brings its good contemporary appearance with a high-class design.
Look at the photos below. The wooden pattern on this house gains its traditional appearance. This wooden house project has a good objective to be a chic living space in a snowy area when the winter comes. The cream color of this house is perfectly united with the environment. It has great color accent with some rustic design on there. The large yard on this house provides a spacious outdoor space for the good gathering time.
Inside the house, you will get a cozy environment. It has large living room on the ground floor. The room division is separated with the solid wall that also created from the wooden material. The second floor of this house has its open room concept. It has function as the dining space. The large window on the tip of this room is catching the blue-sky panorama of the Canada. You will get warm situation from the lighting setting on this window. Open the sliding door and feel the breezing air on the porch of this second floor.
Well, this house is a beautiful creation from the amazing designer. It has a trendy wooden structure with the strong component. This house is a good choice for they who want to live in a comfortable house. Living in this house will always bring you a new inspiration. Enjoy the pictures of this modern wooden house project and see you at the next post.



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