Magnificent Traditional House Design Built in Countryside

When you choose to live in countryside, you can actually apply traditional house design that may become the masterpiece for a house design. Built in two-story floor plan, concrete material for exterior really seems so great with wood veneer for exterior wall. The outdoor pool designed in minimalist style really looks so magnificent because it is designed seemingly like an indoor Jacuzzi of 5-Star Hotel.
Minimalist parasols along with its modern furnishings are indeed so lavish since it perfectly faces the outdoor pool. For main exterior lamp installation, it is installed above the outdoor garden dining table. Even, it is installed above outdoor furniture; it can illuminate the sparkling light to whole area. Some tropical plants planted near outdoor pool look so natural because exterior design is almost dominated with concrete material. Indeed, rustic appearance of exterior of traditional house design plans seems so great with natural exterior decoration.
Directed to main hall of country house, family room is designed near dining room. With large space of interior, white concept really makes interior of resort looks more elegant. In addition, interior lamp is dominated with stage lamps installed on hidden panel. Even floor installation is installed with hardwood material; indeed, glossy polish is applied so that it contrasts whole interior furnishings. With authentic rug applied as floor ornament, hardwood floor looks more magnificent. In addition, some tropical plants are planted on authentic vase.
With such decoration, indeed, when live in countryside becomes a specter for some urban people, you must be amused with your own design. Here, by imitating the design of eastern house in Sunset Strip, you must enjoy your life in country area. In addition, main material for both exterior and interior decoration can be purchased in nearby home furnishings shop. In brief, why don’t you start to redesign your traditional Japanese house design plans right now?



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