Concrete House Design with Duplex Floor Plan

Duplex floor plan, nowadays, becomes so popular among suburbs people since they can design their concrete house design more eccentric. Dominated with white color, exterior design becomes so lavish since glass panels are installed on aluminum frame. In addition, another element, which is wood material, it is applied on main entrance door so that exterior looks so eccentric. With small area for back yard, Beachaus II really presents you with the most eccentric exterior of a suburbs house.
Even concrete material is applied as main material for exterior wall, with main entrance door is decorated with wood veneer, exterior design becomes more authentic. For concrete wall, perforated design is applied since it camouflages the rustic appearance of concrete exterior wall. Combination between white color of exterior wall and authentic appearance of wood veneer is indeed so perfect reflected on glass window. The concrete house design architecture of suburbs house is specially designed with various decoration so that it looks more eccentric.
At the top of building, authentic furniture made from cedar wood is applied on hardwood floor installation. The stage lamps installed on outdoor fence is also considered as lavish design of this house so that at night, it has the eccentric outlook seen from outdoor view nook. Seen through transparent panel, minimalist furniture with wood decoration of interior can emerge the adorable appearance of interior. In addition, it has similar color of interior design so that it perfectly looks enchanting as interior decoration.
The arch design of stand lamp is indeed so ultimate when it is applied as main design for stand lamp. Placed under minimalist sofa, it emerges its bright light at evening until the morning. The hardwood floor for interior floor installation is also covered with white rug for some areas. Therefore, for architecture house design ideas, suburbs house is better designed in such decoration.

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