Floor Plan for House with Contemporary Exterior

On Brisbane River, A Contemporary Home just built with the tallest floor plan for house and green lawn as surrounding area full of tropical plants. With triplex floor plan, exterior of house embraces natural nuance completely with its contemporary exterior decoration. In addition, concrete material and wooden material applied for exterior decoration really fits to triplex design of house.
With outdoor patio decorated with minimalist furniture, such as stainless steel sofa with glass table, perforated pergola looks more marvelous. In addition, concrete material for back porch of house really suits to minimalist furniture. In every each floor, view nook that is decorated with minimalist furnishings really looks so enchanting since it is designed in contemporary style. The wood veneer that covers both second and third of design floor plan for house is indeed so lavish because outdoor lamps are installed on wood ceiling. Embracing the most sparkling exterior lamp installation, this contemporary house seems so marvelous.
The surrounding green lawn is indeed so classy since it camouflages the rustic area along the Brisbane River. However, since the exterior of house is also surrounded with tropical plants, exterior outlook is not that bad. With similar design of exterior design of outdoor patio, minimalist furniture is also applied on indoor pool. Pool deck made from concrete material is indeed the lavish design of swimming pool. In addition, instead of applying tanning chair, longue chair looks so great placed in indoor.
The stage lamps installed on hidden panel are indeed so lavish because it illuminates the brightest light. In addition, marble tiles for bottom pool are very classy because it is perfectly installed on it. The wood veneer and other natural elements are also perfect designed as both interior and exterior decoration. In brief, for house design and floor plan for small spaces, applying minimalist furniture is so suitable for contemporary house.

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