Converting a House Idea from Mini Market in District 5

For those who live in Victoria, District 5 is the most well-known city for place that has many people who converting a house from a mini market. Usually, they change their mini market into a living place since this district has been included in remote area. By using brick stone, exterior wall of market is completely converted into such as chic exterior design. In addition, another material, such as glass material and aluminum veneer is applied as exterior decoration.
With its sparkling light of chandelier lamp reflected through glass panel, interior design looks more adorable. The canopy made from glass material is another decoration that makes exterior design seems so authentic. Indeed, the combination between brick stone and glass panel really suits for converting a shop into a house. Even with small area for front porch of house, some tropical flowers can be planted on small flowerbed or contemporary vases. In addition, the floor installation made from concrete material really fits to interior design with its minimalist furnishings.
Since the house is converted from a mini market, a three-story house construction becomes so common for people in district 5. Talking about the main access to each floor, sloping stairs design is designed with wood panel as footsteps. In addition, the white color of interior wall really suits to rustic appearance of red brick wall. The minimalist sofa in family room, for example, really looks so enchanting since it is placed along with contemporary furnishings. Different from the first floor, hardwood floor is applied as main floor installation since the interior is decorated with minimalist furniture.
In the top of floor, which is loft house, white color completely dominates interior design of house. With floral decoration for the decorative wall design, interior becomes so lavish along with its minimalist furniture. Indeed, I dare you now; can you convert a shop into a house like the people in district 5?


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