Dwelling House Design Presented in Contemporary Accent

Usually, a contemporary house is not designed with dwelling house design, but it’s different case to Dwelling Etura because it is built in Northern part of Spain. With large area in the top of valet, cotemporary building is built, named Dwelling Etura. Actually, this house is designed in contemporary style since the designer, Roberto Ercilla Arquitectura wants to apply one-story house plan for his latest project.
Dominated with white color, the dwelling floor plan of main building is made from concrete material so that it looks so glamour seen from far sight. Glass panel designed in minimalist frame is indeed so lavish because it has similar color for exterior wall of main building. The single dwelling house designs are indeed so lavish since the other part of house is not designed in floating floor design. At the rooftop of floating floor plan, green lawn looks so natural since the spot is perfect as outdoor view nook. In addition, outdoor pergola made from concrete material is also very classy since it is not painted with any wall painting.
The glass balustrade installed as outdoor fence is indeed so lavish because it is installed on aluminum frame. In addition, the main access to rooftop of outdoor pergola is designed in minimalist style so that it looks so glamour. The other parts of house that is considered as the unique part is in the indoor park decorated with natural stone. The floor installation, which is white oak hardwood, it is so enchanting because it is also applied as wood panel of stairs design. In addition, it contrasts rustic appearance of concrete wall.
Built in floating floor plan, the middle of house is designed as garage under the living room of house. In addition, the right and left sides of house are designed as guest room so that your house has some unused rooms. Briefly, when you visit Spain, you need to come to see single dwelling house plans built in northern part of Spain.


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