Hotel Design in Thailand Serving You with Tropical Climate


This hotel design is a good choice for you who want to enjoy the classy hospitality in Phuket, Thailand. It’s a five star hotel with the amazing features and facilities. This hotel name is Indigo Pearl. It’s slicing the shore of the Phuket into a magic world with a tropical nuance on there. The relaxing nuance with an amazing view from this hotel will always make the visitor enjoy to always come back and make it as the second home whenever they got their chance to visit Phuket.

This hotel has a good concept of the natural scene hotel theme. It must be one of hotel design trends with a different style. The large area of the outdoor space brings you a good situation with the most “Thailand taste”. It has a nice palm tree with the large pond on the middle of this hotel building. The large gate on the outside is bounding this hotel from the outside world. Of course, it seems like a good paradise that will astound you. The large unit of this hotel also has its nice traditional exterior design. This hotel provides a chic living space with a cultural nuance of the Thailand.

Are you curious with the interior room design of this hotel? Here we go; these pictures show you the amazing interior design of this hotel. It has a nice appearance using the several exclusive wooden materials for the furniture and the decoration element on here. Look at this lounge hall space on the middle of this hotel. It has large sofa with comfortable design, which will allow you to catch the romantic nuance. It has a good lighting setting with the obscure illumination. This design will add the exclusivity on this hotel.

Staying on this hotel for the vacation on Phuket is a great choice. You will get a spacious room unit with the traditional nuance. The tropical sensation on this hotel will always make you realize that you are on the paradise of the Asia. Share your comment about this hotel room design trends and hope you enjoy the photos.


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