Rectangular Interior Brings Simplicity Energy on Your Home


This post will give you an amazing inspiration for your home design by using rectangular interior to create some harmony effect with a minimalist and simple room arrangement. It was House T, created by Hiroyuki Shinozaki Architects in Tokyo, Japan, that has an awesome building structure using the rectangular shape on each edge. This design visualizes the minimalist arrangement, which will make a good effect for the simple appearance on the house.

Here are some previews of the house interior appearance. The rectangular hall interior design on the middle of this house is the key of the other rooms. The solid frame wall on each room brings its elegant nuance with the solid design. It creates good illusion of the floating design of the room interior. The room arrangement becomes rigid and compact. Each room division seems like a floating box on the inside of the house.

The gray color on this room brings chic design with its extravagant value. The staircase on the middle of the room has simple design with the wooden style. This will become a good space to enjoy the situation on the house. The room has a minimalist setting with the good design on there. The decoration on this room also has modern design, which will add the eccentric value on there. Look at the spacious living room with the simple furniture arrangement. You can try to make the same setting on your room for more simple effect.

Well, the rectangular design is about making sharp edge on the interior design. Avoid using the rounded corner for more elegant design. The rounded design will always bring some feminine nuance. This beautiful house is a good example of the rectangular house design. It has good room setting with excellent room feature. Be inspired with this interior design for living room and try to make your own sketch.


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