Masterpiece of Modern Resort Designed in Contemporary Style

Live in Florida is a pleasure for some people because they can see the masterpiece of modern resort built in Miami County. Miami-Based Architect, as known the owner of this resort applies modern design because it will contrast other resorts that mostly designed in contemporary style. Indeed, contemporary resort is not too bad; however, modern resort is better than the best. Ralph Choeff is indeed the main designer of this project so that as we know, white concept is applied for both exterior and interior.
At the back yard, full of green lawn, outdoor pool is built with marble tiles used to cover concrete pool deck. In addition, some parachute parasols are placed against back porch so that it becomes the best view nook. With pergola designed in modern style, authentic furnishings are mostly seen as the most enchanting decoration for modern resort style homes. The duplex floor plan applied for house is also considered as the lavish decoration since white color becomes the main color of exterior wall.
The stage lamps installed on hidden panel are indeed the best lamp installation since it illuminates the glowing light. At the evening, outdoor pergola with its authentic furniture becomes the best spot to enjoy the view of sunset in Miami. Different from main material for pool deck, hardwood floor is installed as floor installation on the pergola. Main entrance door of resort is also unique since the door is designed in sliding style. Made from cedar wood, exterior design of which; becomes more lavish.
Combining different floor concept between interior and exterior is indeed so magnificent idea. In addition, those different materials are so perfect when it is applied for resort decoration. Briefly, since authentic furnishings are also applied for interior, modern resort style house is considered as the best place in Miami.


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