Traditional House Featuring Rotating Glass Door


Situated in Annandele, Australia, this traditional house is actually a contemporary building from CO-AP. It’s a beautiful building using the conventional architecture. It has gray exterior color with some rustic wall design from the concrete material. What makes this house interesting is the outside appearance of this house. It’s a camouflage of the real appearance of this house design. You will get an eccentric feature on the inside. What is that? Let’s check it out!
The outside appearance of this house has its traditional house design by using the vintage house style. It has gray color accent with some wooden window and door. The triangular roofing design adds the classic style on this house. There is also some chimney on the roof. It brings its classic appearance. The location of this house is strategic. It has easy access from the main road. The warm neighborhood situation is also good benefit of this house.
Inside the house, there is a fancy interior design. You are waiting for this part. The glass structure is sustaining this house into a modern house design. It has neoteric design with its amazing rotating door in red color. This is a unique design of this house. You will get a cozy lounge space with a stylish door like this. The other glass structure is on the fences. It has a strong component with its rustic color design. The transparency of the glass material gains its elegance on the room interior.
Well, this house has a good impression on the outside. It has classic design with its traditional appearance. Amazingly, inside the house there is a contemporary house design with unique feature like the rotating door. This house provides a chic living space with a stylish architecture. It might be good with the traditional interior design, but actually, it’s better with the modern style.





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