Modern House with Floating Edge Structure in Israel

This modern house is an amazing masterpiece from Paz Gersh Architects in Ramat HaSharon, Israeil. Covered with the white color paint, this house is built from the solid concrete wall structure. It has the cubic house design with a good floating edge on this house foundation. This design leaves a wasted space on the bottom of this house. It’s creating a good illusion of the floating house. This house has its cool name as G House. It represents the simplicity with some “gimmick” nuance.
Look at the pictures below. The exterior of this modern house design has compact and minimalist design. It has a strong cubic appearance with the nice facade. The large yard on the outdoor has a large green texture. It adds the fresh nuance on this house. Look at this beautiful corner on the side of this house. Some pebbles are completing the nature design of this house. It creates a good transitional design of the modern and nature nuance on this house. The overall look appearance of this house is amazing with its cubic structure.
Inside the house, the large room division with its nice color accent brings a chic and cozy living space. There is a 1/3 half window design on the top of this building that will provide a good illumination setting on this house. It allows the breezing air from the inside to make a chill situation inside the house. The overall interior design of this house has its same concept from the outside view. It uses the cream color with some minimalist decoration. The large window setting will provide a natural backdrop on the room.
This house has its elegant design with some classy detail. It’s a beautiful house with the nice living space design. You can enjoy the situation around this house by having teatime on this large open porch area. Well, define yourself in this simple design. Share your comment about these modern house design plans and enjoy the pictures.


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