Artistic Interior in Modern Office with Cozy Workspace Environment


Antoni Associate was designed this beautiful office using an artistic interior in Cape Town, South Africa. This is a Sygnia Office, which has relocated in the top of the building in Green Point, right on The Foundry. This building has its elegant nuance using the calm color saturation. It has large and spacious room design with some good arrangement. The designer is trying to make a good workspace with high artistic value so it will gain some inspiration for the employee. The other benefit is the room design will prevent employee from the boredom.
The artistic interior design of this office can be seen from the decoration element on this office. Look at this beautiful corridor with the nice painting on there. Some rustic pattern on the wall brings its traditional nuance. This office has open room concept, which will make the employee easy to communicate. It also will make them get more socialized each other. The unit of this office workspace has a good separator from the wooden material. This brings a good design for more chic living space design.
Some beautiful color accent on this interior is also creating some cozy workspace. The industrial theme on this office brings its formal appearance that will make the employee work in such a professional situation. There is also a colorful decoration from the plastic on the lounge hall. This will bring a good design on this office. The dark interior color scheme on this office will make an elegant situation on the office. Of course, this office building is a good space for they who love some classy design of the workspace.
This office will always become a good inspiration. It has a good feature with the modern accent. The artistic design on this office will make a chic living space with its beautiful appearance. Share your thought about these artistic interior design ideas and don’t forget to leave your comment.


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