Stone Exterior Covering Contemporary House in Wonderland of Italy

Nestled in a green scene with the amazing landscape view, this house has its nice stone exterior to match with the situation on there. This is Kurt Brunner residence, which located in calm village of Sterzing, South Tryol, Italy. The location of this house is amazing. It has nice terrain with a beautiful panorama on there. This house has traditional appearance with the exclusive exterior design. The designer is trying to represent the village house with this modern style.
Okay, we will start this review from the outside appearance of this house. As the photos show you that this house has its nice design, the stone exterior homes are actually good choice for the house in the middle of nature like this. It has sharp cubic design with the nice motifs of the stone pattern on there. The large window with its rustic wooden frame will add the natural appearance of this house. It has large yard with the unstable terrain on there. This is not a big problem for designer to let the house dug inside the terrain. Awesome!
Move inside the house and you will get those amazing interior settings. The laminated wooden floor is actually gaining the cozy situation on this house. It has a shiny layer on each decorating element that will bring the extravagant nuance on there. The living room has its spacious room design with some beautiful color accent. It has bright illumination with the classic lamp design. Right after the living room, there is a wide dinning space that connects directly with the kitchen. It’s a good design that will make you easy to mobilize.
If you get bored and want some relaxing nuance, then just come up on this window. Catch those amazing scenery on the outside. Feel the relaxing air of the natural village on there. This house will always become a good place to gain your inspiration. Continue scrolling for more stone exterior homes pictures and be inspired always.




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