Apartment Design Overlooking Cityscape Horizon of Sydney

This beautiful apartment design is a great creation of Jaa Studio. It’s called as Yves Apartment, which has a strategic location on the Sidney, New South Wales, Australia. This apartment has its unique appearance with a strategic location. The solid wall frame on this apartment brings its exclusive detail with some high-class situation on there. Let’s see some detail of this apartment and try to keep your breath from running away!
The spacious room with a minimalist setting is the main concept of this apartment. It has a large room setting with modern furniture on there. Look at this unit example. It has a large living room with no separator on its transitional room. It brings good design for the room to get its roomy situation with the large and airy open room concept. These apartment design ideas are amazing with the collaboration of the black and white color. It has shiny material, which will add the elegance of this apartment.
The decoration on this room also has its simple room arrangement. It has some rustic color design with a nice pattern. To gain the artistic color on this room, there is also a nice abstract painting on the corner of the living room. What makes this apartment more beautiful is the lamp studio on the ceiling. It has a flexible setting that you can easily arrange the illumination on this apartment. This design is brilliant. It allows you to get the shining spot on this apartment. Pretty awesome!
Don’t ask about the outside appearance of this appearance. The designer is amazingly creating the V-shaped exterior skin with its strong statement. This kind of design will always make a nice impression on the first glance. Well, share your comment about this modern apartment design and continue scrolling to compare it with the apartment style on the other posts.

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