Zen House Design for Exterior and Interior Decoration

For some people in Brazil, they have already applied the Zen house design for their latest design of traditional house. Take a place in northeast coast of Brazil, with large area full of green lawn, the location is so perfect for traditional house construction. In addition, with traditional concept, Zen design becomes so perfect applied as main decoration for both exterior and interior.
The authentic material made from mahogany wood is the main natural element that looks so elegant applied for house decoration. Meanwhile, other materials are made from oak wood, cedar wood and etc. Indeed, even exterior and interior are decorated with wood material; the house is so enchanting because it has various models of house decoration. The sloping rooftop design made from porcelain tiles is indeed so rustic because it is installed above wood bars. With different material for floor installation, which is unpolished parquet floor, decoration of Zen house design concept is perfectly applied.
The minimalist furnishings are actually also be applied at terrace of house since it is not designed with Zen decoration. The stand lamps applied as main lamp installation of house is indeed so lavish since it illuminates the brightest light for interior design. In addition, at the other side of house, which is outdoor garden, separated by wooden fence framed by rustic stone, exterior design becomes so lavish. Some palm trees and other tropical flowers are the greatest Zen garden concept for exterior design.
With house dominated by wood material and other natural elements, staying in such residence must be a pleasure. Moreover, with combination of authentic furnishings and modern furnishings, interior of house has the classiest decoration. For combining unpolished wood veneer with polished veneer, it is also considered as a lavish idea. Briefly, with modern Zen house design for interior and exterior, as a living place, it is the most luxury place.


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