Minimalist Concept for House Built in Valley



For those who want to apply minimalist concept for house, their dream of living in a chalet house will come true. As Camarines House built in Madrid, the small valley as location of the house really makes exterior design of which has a classy exterior design. In addition, white concept for exterior wall really fits to main material of it. Dominated with white color, indeed, A-cero chooses concrete material for exterior wall is simply for a big reason.
The green lawn surrounds main building of house also seems so natural because it is located in small valley in Spain. The glass balustrade applied as outdoor fence also emerges the brightest sun light when the sun is in high position. Seemingly, this house looks so minimalist because main building has only two floors. Added with basement, the amount of floors in this house is three. However, since the minimalist concept house is applied for both exterior and interior design, the house really has the most wonderful house design.
The glass panel installed on aluminum frame also looks so enchanting because it is designed in modular style. With its transparent design, seeing interior design through it becomes so enchanting, especially at night. Talking about it interior design, with white concept for interior wall, interior furnishings are made from authentic material. As in the family room, sectional sofa is designed in peach color with plain suede cushion. In addition, separated with glass panel, small corridor connects different rooms of house.
Can you imagine how fun to live in this house? Along with modern concept for interior furnishings, both exterior and interior are so lavish. In addition, fluorescent lamps are the main lamp installation of house. Briefly, by applying minimalist concept interior design as the same as exterior, you must have great experience to live here.



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