Minimal Home in Hashima Displaying Irregular Rectangle


Created by Keitaro Muto Architects, a minimal home in Hashima-gun, Gifu, Japan, is a project that you should take observation on. Located in an urban area, this residence is a fascinating object that exists amongst some other buildings nearby. You ought to see the images attached to the text here. Make use the presence of the descriptions below.
Firstly, you find the home’s appearance from a bit distant spot. You know that the building shape looks very simple with a little bit irregular shape as part of the facade. It looks like a rectangle but with unfixed shape. You see light grey is used as the flawless exterior paneling. Well, there’s a long path which is narrow and seemingly done with white concrete material. It meets a spot with large concrete tiles. It was the main building, meaning, there’s another building as part of the minimal home design. There are concrete constructions arranged creating as the liner of the home area with a bit snowy spread area outside.
From a closer angle, you see that the building, like you have already recognized before, has sloping shape with bigger size of the top part. A spread area of gravel appears as the yard of the building with a simple but nice pool. There is a line of metal fence present as well here. On the building, you see that there are some modern windows seen. The prefab building which is smaller is seen from this spot. From another different area, the building is apparently a bit long with an architectural glass panel seen. There is a long concrete wall existing near the building like as the earth fence.
Getting inside the building, you see there is an airy are of room with white and grey interior. This is such an architectural and modern room with a short home bridge available either. This place is a nice part of the home that you can find. Find out more info in minimal home design inspiration for any other ideas.



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