Modern Hotel Design in Barcelona Facing the Sea

A sea hotel applying modern hotel design comes with brilliance. This is a project of Spanish architect, Ricardo Bofill. He phenomenally designed this W Hotel in Barcelona. Yeah, it’s a creation you’ll find in Barcelona. This 24 story and sail shaped building is simply an immense project that you can hardly find in any other places.
The appearance of the hotel, in a photo taken from a high place, looks entrancing. You can see that it’s located upon an area like a coast with calm sea water. The building shape appears with a roaring building section like a sail. Architectural and complex building design seem applied there. There is a line of corals and a long deck as well. As you behold the building carefully, the tall building part contains many rooms. It seems that from the rooms, we can relish the scenery indulging your eyes with sea panorama and the town as well. See also modern hotel design picture for other models.
Well, move to the third image, you can find an area of a room with dark orange walls. This is a gloriously modern room with brightly entrancing interior. Look at the floor which is so glossy and dazzling. There are two pieces of artistic objects available in this room. On an area at the edge of this big room, you can find some spots. Now let’s notice the following. Here you face a spread area of a luxurious room that looks like an open room. There are lots of pieces of furniture, exactly deluxe sofa sets on many spots.
As an example, the fifth picture shows you a spot with sofa sets arranged nicely. There are two colorful objects one of which is like a bean bag seat. Alright, see the modern couch and the couch chairs. They are modern with creamy white as the color. Alluring cushions are found here. Find also modern hotel design ideas later on.


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