Contemporary Residence Showing Grey Flanked with Red Bricks

Teatum + Teatum completed a contemporary residence in London, namely Hidden House. You should really know that this is a great creation that shows modernity that’s flanked by classic buildings. You shall find magnificence through the project. Just observe the images provided with pleasure so that you gain the interesting issues.
An unusual appearance comes out from this urban residence. This is such a fascinating project that can make you thrilled. Just look at those red-bricked buildings parts. With dark grey middle building, this residence can catch anyone’s interest. Those who pass by this property would simply be interested in this project, though in a very short time. An alluring couple of doors exist as part of the building. The door leaves have nice motif with perforated parts. This contemporary residence design displays smoothly rough exterior surface. Here you find a meeting of concrete floor with red-bricked one.
Well, the third image gives you the appearance of the doors from the front. You see the small holes as artistic as the motif. Here you see that the perforated doors are very good models that can be installed at home. As you notice the exterior of the building, you know that it’s more like black rather than dark grey. The fourth image gives you the doors opened a bit. As you know that the hinges of the doors are in the middle. Next, the fifth picture shows you some inviting lighting coming out from the room inside.
The sixth one is an image about an area of a room near the way in. You can see that the doors are complicated with a folding door leaf as part. Exotic wood paneling appears here on an area of wall meeting white wall. There’s a cute table light on the workbench there. A cutely yellow chair is present nearby. See also contemporary homes design furthermore.

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