Modern Property Using Rustic Plywood Tiles on Some Walls

A modern property by WOW Architects comes up with luxury, freshness, class and modernity mixed. It’s an expensive project that you will find in Singapore. You are invited to see things about this residence. Ensure that you don’t miss the images attached to this current passage. They appear with some things offered by this residence. Read the following paragraphs as well to get some more details.
The house’s facade appears with so neat building construction and also neat yard structure. Rustic plywood tiles are installed creating an outdoor wall as part the building design. Glass paneling is present awesomely with deluxe curtain seen. There’s a nice garage with alluring lighting. A grey patio with an area installing cream tiles appears with flawless look. Another home part exists with alluringly fresh atmosphere, similar to the previous part of the residence. There are trees as well here. You know, rustic wooden paneling appears dominatingly. Find modern property for sale, too.
In the third image, you meet an area with a pond and an appealing terrace existing. Look at the pond. There’s a good pot with an alluring tree available. You see there are pieces of outdoor furniture arranged on the dusty white floor. On the corner there, there is a standing object holding a pot with yellow flowers. Next, you find an area of the residence. It shows you wooden floor with concrete liner. There is a spot with black rubber carpet covering the ground. Take a look at the wall. Plywood tiles installed have dots likely with nails drilled there.
Lastly, it’s a picture about a fantastic room inside the residence. It is a lovely lounge. Here you can see that the room applies awesome design applying minimalist style. Bright room using some different components appears with grey paneling of rustic plywood, white, ceiling, wooden floor, etc. There are lovely pieces of furniture. Browse contemporary house for sale as well.

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