Modern House in Shanghai with Awesome Tiny Indoor Garden

This current passage will be talking about a modern house done by Chinese architectural firm, QSJW Architects. It’s a project called Villa A that can be your inspiration with classic and contemporary style applied. As you’re in Chine and in search of a proper residence, this can be your chosen one for it is situated in Shanghai.
Alright, take a look at the first image. Here you find the appearance of the building’s facade with its grassy yard. Grey exterior appears nicely as part of the residence design. A long and big glass panel is applied as part of the property design here. There are framed glass panels existing as well. A circular glass panel flanked with rectangular glass panels is present on the top building part. Roaring building part appears in the second image. You can notice it with grey exterior applied. There are glass windows available on several spots of the wall. This is just like an apartment. See also modern house designs.
An alluring house part comes up in the third picture. You can see an L-shaped spot with white stones arranged there. There is a minimalist alley with modern tiles installed. Look at the wall. You find artistic motif of tiles installed on the walls with glass panels on the corner showing the room inside. The fourth picture displays an area of the top floor, the second floor. This is such a natural area with exquisite grassy field found. There are pretty cute plants present as well with a circular glass panel as the object to deliver the sunlight.
Lastly, in the sixth photograph gives you the appearance of the residence with auto focus look. Amongst the other buildings, this one is such an exceptional project that is different from the others. Grey exterior is something special because the other buildings appear with other colors which are similar. Well, find more references in contemporary house designs either.

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