Unique House in Chenequa Applying Curvy Sections

Robert Harvey Oshatz Architect is the studio designing Chenequa Residence, a unique house in a natural spot in Chenequa, Wisconsin, USA. This creation is a very good model of a unique residence applying contemporary design. We simply expect you to see the informative issues extended by this beguiling project. Please see the images attached thoroughly and read the analyses either as your guidance in observing the pictures.
As you can notice at the first picture, you find the home’s facade with architectural construction. Varying components are mixed with awesome design. There are different kinds of paneling such as rustically rocky panels, concrete white panel, wooden panels, glass panels, and even naturally mossy panels. Another building section appears with a curvy line of glass panels. With awesomely outdoor wooden ceiling is found here as part of the home’s uniqueness. Well, there are rustic walls like parts of fortress present as well. See also unique house designs.
Well, the following shows you another look of the residence. You find building construction with glass panels whose shape is so curvy similar to the building part with glass panels as well seen in the previous picture. There is a curvy balcony available either there with curvy and pointed roof. Next, the following is a picture about another different part. Yeah, you face magnificently architectural building construction with glass and wooden components. Yet there’s a curvedly rustic fortress bordering the area of the home with a spread area of grass you already saw in the previous two images.
The fifth photograph shows you a brilliant open room displaying dominative wood accents applied. Glass panels just have good role to perfect the architecture here. Glossy wooden floor appears magnificently in here. Room sets and also pieces of furniture are present with good installation and arrangements. See modern unique house designs, too.


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