Wooden Exterior Design of modern House with Flawless Surface

A contemporary home by Massimo Fiorida Associatia + sundaymorning comes up with sensational wooden exterior design. This is such a brilliant project that you shall find in Tuscany, Italy. You shall just be amazed of the residence by only seeing the photographs about this project that are attached to the text you are reading.
An area near the home appears with a marathon arena like consisting of long plywood tiles installed. There is a built-in lamp seeming on a spot on this floor. There are two mighty trees seen with good frames one of which has white stones. Look at the building that applies rustic plywood tiles as well with flawless surface. Another photo shows you another angle of the wooden floor. It’s a long patio that connects with the previous wooden floor. There are the other wooden floor areas with different levels. From here, you can still behold the niceness of the wooden wall as well. Find also wood exterior design.
From the third image, you can see another different look of the long patio. As you see that the building shape is a quite simple but good thing presented for you. Forest as the background of the house is such a very good thing that you may be looking for. This is a fresh place for you and your family to enjoy the atmosphere of nature. Well, the fourth picture shows you the appearance of the residence with its metal fence seen. This photo displays you another patio area as well with another floor built-in light.
The fifth picture gives another look of the property which shows you the simplicity of the house construction design. As you notice the patio again, there is another outdoor wooden floor with more rustic than the one adjacent to the building. Well, still, rustic wooden exterior appears displaying niceness on the wall of the building with alluring glass windows seen. Find more things in wood for exterior wall as well.

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