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Lioness- Lioness

Lioness- Omens, Oracles & Signs - Vol. 1

Lioness- Omens, Oracles & Signs - Vol. 2

May 30th, come hear new music from V ∆ N E S S ∆ !!!


Lioness bring on The Night! Music video inspires feature film.

Photo Credit: Jen Squires

Warning: Don’t eat the brown (chocolate) cupcakes.

Toronto band Lioness has always had a taste for blood and drama. The band who are never short of talent release a second video this month. “The Night” is the product of Lioness drummer and director Jeff Scheven’s sinister imaginings. The original concept was to create a grindhouse inspired trailer for a for a mock horror film where a group of girlfriends go on a camping trip that goes awry. During the process of filming the video Scheven, came to see the project as a whole “different monster”. He’s now cultivating the seed of this music video into a feature length horror film.

Says Scheven, “The ideas were born at the same time. In executing the concept for a fake movie, I realized a real movie was born. I immediately started exploring it further.”

Since filming the video he’s been developing the script with bassist and co-writer Ronnie Morris. Morris is currently in the UK working towards a PhD in Early Modern British History, which he explains, “lends itself well to a psychedelic witchcraft horror”. They hope to have the script finished by the end of the year and start production next summer 2014.

As always singer Vanessa Fischer works triple duty bringing not only her incredible voice and costume design, she also plays ‘the beast’. Says Fischer, “It was quite the transformation, I sought inspiration comes from watching a lot of scary/weirdo movies by Dario Argento, Mario Bava and Alejandro Jodorowsky.”

To get a taste of what’s to come, check out “The Night”…

Eat! Scream! Love! Lioness… two new creepy videos.

Photo Credit : Jen Squires

TORONTO, ON October 9, 2013 - LIONESS is releasing two horrific new videos–and just in time for Halloween. The Kevin Hegge (“She Said Boom: The Story of Fifth Column” )-directed video for the band’s new single, “Temptation”, premieres today (October 10th). Hegge explains that the original idea for the edgy “Temptation” short came out of a conversation he had had with Lioness frontwoman Vanessa Kathleen. He explains: “It’s a exercise in discovering the strange spot shared by pain and pleasure as a metaphor for love.” Vanessa, who also produced the video, added, “The character I play is kind of a deviant, a black widow spider type who lures men into her web and trusses them up. None of them try to flee as she has cast a spell on them… or they’re masochists.” The video was shot in an abandoned house in Toronto’s Roncesvalles area and is inspired by 1970s suspense and horror cinema.

Here are the links (please post & share):

Watch for the second video for “The Night” to premiere on October 24th. That video is a send-up to old Grindhouse B-Grade movie trailers. It doubles as a sketch for a feature Director Jeff Scheven is developing about a group of friends that go up to an old cabin for a weekend of fun. One by one, an unknown creature hunts them down.

Read more about Lioness here:

The Holiday Crowd – European Spring Tour

TORONTO, ON March 13, 2013 - The Holiday Crowd hit the road this week for two week tour with stops in Germany, Italy, France and the UK. The band is touring to support the debut release of “Over The Bluffs” release by Manimal Vinyl which includes two new songs “Sick Days” and “Born Under a Different Sign”.

Imran Haniff has unofficially dubbed it, the “Enhanced tour”. He had this to say as he packed up his small clothes, “It’ll be a reunion with family and friends we made on our last outing there; the lovely folks in Berlin and Hamburg and our pallys in Northern Portrait. We look forward to seeing them, and meeting new comrades in Italy and France.”

The tour includes a special date in London at Buffalo Bar where The Holiday Crowd will meet up with their Shelflife label mates, The Proctors and The Fireworks. This will be the first time the band play the UK. Says Haniff, “We will be visiting such historically rich places like Rome, Paris and London; perhaps some life changing experiences will occur?” But we’re there to make history ourselves… Shall we take a trip?”


The Holiday Crowd – Enhanced Tour
Mon. March 18    Marie-Antoinette, Berlin, Germany (w/ Der Elegante Rest)
Wed. March 20    Blackmarket – Rome, Italy (presented by
Thu. March 21     Mattatoio – Carpi, Italy
Fri. March 22       Spazio MAAV Vittorio Veneto – Treviso, Italy
Sat. March 23      Pop Days #1 @ Ohibò – Milan, Italy (w/ Northern Portrait)
Mon. March 25    Pop In, – Paris, France
Wed. March 27   Buffalo Bar – London, UK (w/ The Proctors & The Fireworks)
Thu. March 28    Nice and Sleazy, Glasgow, UK (supporting Haight-Ashbury)
Sat. March 30     Wales Goes Pop! @ The Gate, Cardiff, UK

Check out the new video for “Sick Days” :

Lioness tears up the small screen.

TORONTO, ON Jan 31, 2013 – Television gets a little wilder this winter with three crucial Lioness sync placements using/featuring songs off their debut full-length The Golden Killer (New Romantic).

On Sunday, January 27th, “They Clip the Wings of Birds” was used in the Showcase produced supernatural crime drama, Lost Girl. Spoiler alert: The song adds to the emotional reconciliation of Bo and Lauren in the final five minutes of the episode entitled “Fae-de To Black”.

This Sunday, directly following the Superbowl, Lioness’ dance-chiller “The Night” is featured prominently in a party scene in the premiere of CTV’s new crime drama Motive.

Californication is back for a 6th season and Lioness are here to keep the volume at eleven. Be sure to watch the storyline unfold as the aptly entitled “Hell Bent For Leather”, features the song “Toxic Heat”. The episode debuts February 10 on Showtime in the US & the 11th on The Movie Network in Canada.

Turn on, tune in, rock out!

New video for “Sick Days” by The Holiday Crowd.

TORONTO, ON January 15, 2013 In wake of the recent flu epidemic in North America… perhaps it’s a good time to take a sick day. The new video “Sick Days” by The Holiday Crowd was directed by Matthew Sitler and edited by Wlodek Redzej. The video was filmed in Muskoka one crisp November in the height of Autumn and features a mysterious woman with a falcon, a red kite and a curious fascination with the i-Ching.

“I can’t see the stars from the back of the car”.

The Holiday Crowd – “Sick Days” available today.

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TORONTO, ON October 23, 2012 - The Holiday Crowd return with a new limited double A-side 7″ single,”Sick Days” b/w “Born Under a Different Sign”. Coming off a stint of live shows, including the NYC Popfest, Berlin’s Indie Pop Days and supporting Paul Weller in Toronto, the boys were eager to get back in the studio to have a new release under their belt.  The two tracks are a continuation of their debut Over The Bluffs, released in January of this year.  Pre-order for advance delivery.

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The limited edition 7″ will be commercial released through New Romantic (Canada), Shelflife (US) and Manimal Vinyl (UK & Europe) on November 20, 2012. The 7″ vinyl includes an mp3 download code.